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Dominic Heynderickx - Bass, Backing Vocals

Interview with Beyond The Labyrinth bass player Dominic Heynderickx 

(17 December, 2016 - Pledge Music)


My name is Dominic Heynderickx, a no-nonsense and enthousiast IT professional in the professional world.

A super duper tattooed dad to 2 kidz, a loving partner to my GF and a “wanna-be”, egoless and emotional bass player in Everglow, Beyond The Labyrinth and Goosething? in the other worlds.

My emotions drive my bass playing, I can literally cry when playing a heartfelt ballad, yet I can get pumped up by playing that straight 4/4 bass pattern in a good metal/pop/rocksong.


What is your life motto ?

My life motto is Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Try to be positive even in the darkest of hours. True believer in Karma; do good, receive good.


How long have you been playing for Beyond The Labyrinth ?

Geert Fieuw asked me to join BTL somewhere around 2014 after I was getting fed up with situations in my then main band Everglow. I was getting more and more into Pink Floyd (again) and Marillion and wanted to play similar music so I turned to Geert and others in asking if he didn’t know a suitable band. The rest is history :)


In your opinion, what makes BTL unique ?

Beyond the labyrinth is a band that mixes a lot of styles I like into a unique blend. Going from raging guitars to (power)ballads. BTL’s music allows me to expand my bass playing; going from that weird and ultra-rare bass-solo (I am more of a meat-’n-potatoes bass player, holding the foundation and a groove) to that syncopating bass-guitar-drums trio.


What was your favorite song to record on “The Art Of Resilience” ?

I have more that 1 favorite, but the absolute one is Innocence Presumed. It’s a song that puts my chest under pressure…. that gets under your skin. Especially a certain chord progression gives me goosebumps from head to toe.


Tell us a bit more about your gear …


My gear is mix and match of items and materials, but I have learned to settle down a bit thanks to my significant other (grins).

I only play 5 and 6-string basses that I Frankenstein/modify myself. Not really sure if BTL will see a lot of 6-string action, but here goes:

Frankenfender 1: EMG humbucker loaded black bass with maple neck and yin/yang fret indicator

Frankenfender 2 (work in progress): Delano loaded jazz black bass with maple neck.

6 stringed matt black EMG loaded bass.

My amp is: Ashdown ABM EVO III 575 pushing a lot of air via Ashdown MAG and Toneman cabinets

I am a frequent FX user: Digitech Chorus Deluxe, Joyo Classic Phaser, EHX Bass Soul Food (overdrive), Mooer Octaver, Harley Benton D-Seed digital delay and a Boss TU-2.


Any funny stories to share ?

No funny stories so far. However…. I like the way Geert sometimes can get worked up over something that is apparently a small detail. However in Geert’s OCD obsessed world, nothing can be overlooked.