Beyond The Labyrinth


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Rock Pix Webzine: 9,2/10
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Shutterwall Magazine : 8/10

Rock Tribune Magazine : 8,5/10

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HIGHLY Recommended

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the result can be described in just one word: STUNNING”,“crown jewel of Belgian rock for 2017” : “Een sterk album, muzikaal lekker afwisselend en tekstueel van grote klasse” : “Knap werk van dit vooralsnog ondergewaardeerd Belgisch kwartet.” : “Kwaliteit noemen we dat dan.” :

“Wie van hardrock met toegewijde uitstapjes houdt, zal deze plaat zeker bevallen.”

Mały Leksykon Wielkich Zespołów : Podsumowując, Geert Fieuw i spółka otrzymują ode mnie duży plus za swój nowy album.”

“A very mature album with high quality music,

song writing, lyrics !” (Nino B, Ninove)

“Playing in the car and calling it my top 1 purchase of 2017” (Marc H. , Sint-Truiden)

“BTL heeft hiermee een geweldig album afgeleverd. Met alle respect voor de prestaties in het verleden: dit is van een heel andere orde.” (Tarkus, Hoboken)

“Een album om terecht trots op te zijn, een pracht van een melodieus rock album met vele gezichten.” (Nico D, Aalter)

"Een waar meesterwerk" (John van L., Hasselt)

"Dit is geen kunst van de veerkracht. Dit is een regelrechte herrijzenis! De Feniks is uit zijn as herboren"

(Reinhold P., Aalst)

"Een zeer diverse CD waarbij elk nummer zijn eigen sfeer en karakter heeft en soms verrassend uit de hoek komt. Verplicht voor iedere rock/metalliefhebber die buiten het kader denkt" (Kristof W., Lokeren)

“This album thoroughly deserves to be a commercial success “ (Phil Sparkes, East Preston, UK)

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Beyond The Labyrinth

- The Art Of Resilience -

August 2017 : Beyond The Labyrinth announces new singer and starts preparing for live shows.

Beyond The Labyrinth :

Left to Right :
Sjoerd Bruyneel - keyboards
Geert Fieuw - guitars
Dragan Stanley - vocals
Michel Lodder - drums
Dominic Heynderickx - bass
Picture credit : Reinhold Podevijn.
Picture Location : Maze of Loppem

After the release of Beyond The Labyrinth's 4th album "The Art Of Resilience", featuring 10 guest singers, a lot of people asked the question: "Will BTL ever go live again? How will BTL do it with all these guest singers?"

Beyond The Labyrinth is happy to announce that Dragan Stanley joins BTL as a lead singer ! 

Geert Fieuw (BTL founder) : "I've always dreamed of working together with Dragan ever since I saw and heard him sing with his band Midrange beginning of the 90's - he has a unique approach to music and shares the same large musical taste all BTL band members have. Thanks to social media we managed to reconnect !"

Dragan Stanley

Picture credit : Reinhold Podevijn.
Picture Location : Maze of Loppem

Dragan : 

“Hi, let me introduce myself. So I’m the newcomer in BTL. My name is Dragan. Back in the 80’s I started with my first band named Thunder, unfortunately not the English one though, we were not that famous. Later I founded Midrange. We recorded two albums, in 1993 “From Heaven to Hell, and in 1995 an album that never got released. We played live a lot, even abroad. During this period I managed to get a good experience working in a studio and performing on stage. Back at that time I met Geert and I was already impressed by his energy. We worked together from time to time but due to our personal projects, we followed separate paths. After the Midrange period which lasted for 8 years, I played in different bands : SubHuman, Divni San, and tried other musical styles. But metal and hard rock were still running in my veins! 

Today, the musical fate happened to cross my road again with Geert and quickly we understood that the story of our previous collaborations was not finished yet - So I’m proud to be the singer of BTL from now on! I can’t wait to get back on stage again and I’m looking forward seeing you there.

Best metal greetings !“

Beyond The Labyrinth will be bookable for live shows as of end of 2017…And don't be amazed if one of the guest singers jumps on stage to join for a song, it's all part of the plan ! 

Dragan will make his official debut on stage for Beyond The Labyrinth on December 23rd at Beyond The Labyrinth’s End Of Year 2017 show at Partymakers / Wondelgem :

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